Debate in the Time of Manny Pacquiao and Charice


Two or three points only (pretty quick):

The “I’m proud to be Pinoy” line and the like can get us downright pathetic, sounding always proving ourselves to the rest of the world, to the point of being hated. That to me is inferiority talking, which has evolved into just too much pride, and it’s plain obvious. I don’t know, but the reason maybe is that we have endured for long discrimination (that I hope is now virtually non-existent) plus perhaps taking the fact that our history is but a collage of alien cultures. I want to believe that we are struggling from identity crisis, always trying to fit in someone else’s world. It’s obvious that we want to get noticed; desperate I hope not we are. It’s a good thing to be proud of what we have, what’s worse is to have none. Filipino blood runs through my veins, I am proud of it, and I’ll always find love in my motherland. But too much pride can be sickening, and we don’t have to embody ourselves with the sin of sins. Teach ourselves some humility, shall we?

To top it all, we too have a penchant for self-destruction. See for yourself comments on Charice’s videos on Youtube. While Charice has tons of fans, she is as well greeted by detractors flooding her videos shamelessly with comments of bitter, jealous comparisons between her and our local superstars, which are unnecessary and often below the belt. It’s easily laughable to be reading a form of civil war online. Yes, the crabs, and they need not spare Manny Pacquiao with all the jokes.

For the sake of discussion, the question is – Who is greater, Manny Pacquiao or Charice? Will Filipinos character assassinate one for the other? Who do you love more? In the meantime, while you debate on this for long, let me watch Pilipinas Got Talent clips on Youtube.


  1. i think there are really two sides of every situation and whereever you go you can never please everyone..its a matter of dealing with them.good point though

  2. hehe nakakawindang ano? ganyan nga ang media junk and the junksters.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog.. but you do have a penchant for writing I can see... I cannot write so much!! You are really taking a lot of pains to write!! Good for you!!! !!! :-)

  4. I enjoyed reading this entry. You've made good points and I wish that a lot of fellow Filipinos get to read it as well.
    Manny & Charice are both considered public figures now and when you're popular, it's really expected that there are people who will love you and at the same time won't like you. It's just too bad that there are people who go too far, forgetting that these celebrities are also human. That's just one side.
    I think Manny & Charice are both good in their own fields. What else is there prove? I just have to let this out, I really don't like Charice. That's just me.

  5. Every people has great things in different fields. And a person has two sides. They can be the lover or the hater. =D

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  6. I appreciate knowing a piece of your mind. :)


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