Monday, April 26, 2010

COMELEC's Official Sample Ballot (Philippine Elections 2010)


Just got the official sample ballot! At long last COMELEC!!! Hope 2 weeks is enough to educate millions (I suppose) of voters yet uninformed or who just don't know what to do on May 10.

Pursuant to Section 35 of Resolution No. 8739

1. The voter shall, using a ballot secrecy folder and the marking pen provided by the COMELEC, fill his ballot by fully shading the oval beside the names of the candidates and political party participating in the party list system of representation of his choice.

2. The voter shall then approach the PC0S; insert his ballot in the ballot entry slot and wait until the ballot is dropped into the ballot box. The BEI shall monitor the PCOS screen to make sure that the ballot was successfully accepted. Thereafter, the voter shall return the ballot secrecy folder and marking pen to the chairman.

3. The chairman shall apply indelible ink at the base and extending to the cuticle of the right forefinger nail of the voter, or any other nail if there be no forefinger nail.

4. The voter shall affix his thumbmark on the corresponding space in the EDCVL.

5. The voter shall then leave the polling place.


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