Davao Immersion: Lunar Eclipse and Gilded Mornings

Bridges of Leyte


Leyte is home of not only that famed bridge called San Juanico Bridge, but of bridges whose number can be so easily noticed, recurring every 5 minutes of your time on a road trip. These bridges over rivers link cities and towns of this very mountainous province.

The last time, which was last year, I traveled by bus in Leyte. I made it a point to capture its bridges along the way. I have seen and often forgotten they exist for the many times I've visited the province maybe because land trips could be so tiring, and I mind too much gathering energy for the next stop. But it changed last year. I did capture about 20 bridges or anything close to that, I couldn't be too sure.

Making Sense of It All


Loving living despite the harsh realities of life is a good hope, and it is something that no one can take away from you. I am the captain of my own ship, sailing in turbulent waters, mastering its might and finding refuge to the calm. I will always be the perennial optimist that I am.

I salute these people for finding strength in the life they have and braving every minute of it. All of it makes sense to me.

Images: Cebu City, Philippines

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