Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rainy Days Shed Some Light


Today isn’t the first time the, skies descend into the earth. Nor is it the first time the soaring birds nestle in their shelter, heavy, and shivering cold. It is the millionth time perhaps the lightning strikes the hapless animal left cut of a life in the open farm. It is the millionth time perhaps the traffic on the highway becomes sluggish, attempting to test the patience of jammed brain circuits. It is the millionth time perhaps the wind blows too strong, it rips the window naked, shamelessly giving an unwelcomed opening. Nothing will ever be a first time.

As the rain thuds on the roof, waking up the asleep snuggling in bed or keeping the idle up in the couch, nothing remains as vivid as seen under the blue sky. Everything rightly becomes a world of parallel visibility. It becomes the alternate world taking over before the eyes of a stranded soul. And it’s been recorded recklessly in the pages of time. It is nothing new and the past has been repeating itself needlessly sometimes.

Nothing is new in the books of age where the past is just waiting to be flipped through only to be retold in the later chapters. The past has its way of propagandizing itself as either a ridiculous or lamenting alter ego. Sometimes, it is an agonizing piece of junk in one’s hand. But to give light in the dark, more importantly, it makes sure that through today, it will serve as a lesson for tomorrow.

Nothing will ever be a first time, but anything can be your first.
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